11 May: We are featured on Glow

Our Menopausal brand, Become was featured on Glow magazine ( June, 2022, Vol. 170) as an inner wear that work against hot flushes and night sweats. Become clothing and night wear are extensively tested in labs in Europe for temperature & humidity management and are equipped with Anti-Flush technology.

Fusion works take pride bringing Become from UK to Japan and very much thankful to GLOW for featuring us among other famous FEMTECH brands in Japan.


23 Feb: MOU was signed Between Fusion works Inc, Japan and The Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Our earth has finite number of resources and we are heading towards 10bn world’s population by 2050. If we aren’t taking actions to create circular economies that would reduce, recycle and reuse materials, we are definitely heading towards a global crisis. We enormously experience this as a part of the fashion industry, although fashion is related to things that are beautiful, industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Fast fashion is infamous for inducing over consumption and creating pollution.

Makuake logo

23 Feb: We launched our amazing menopause care product range (BECOME) on Makuake platform

Become is a brand with one very important mission : to support female health and wellbeing. Our stylish range of clothing has proven to significantly reduce the severity and impact of hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause, illness, surgery, and prescribed drugs. As well as bringing intelligent clothing solutions to millions of women of all ages, we intend to transform how women today talk about, think about, and take on their menopause.