Our mission on sustainability

We want to be responsible for the future generations reason we are changing the way we do business. We are encouraging natural fibers and sustainable materials in our designs, We are looking out for sustainable destinations for productions.We are encouraging women and minorities at our work places.We are opting sustainable business models than the traditional ones. We want to make our home, the earth a safe and a livable place for future generations and we are ready to do what it takes to make it happen.
We are a small company with a big heart. In our next 10 years, we have decided to give equal priority not only to profit, but also to people and the planet. Going by our next 10 years plan and as a Local company in the global economy we selected the SDGs that matter to us, our partners and the rest of the world. We give our commitment to achieve SDG 08, 12, 17. For next 10 years, we would invest our money and efforts in ventures and partnerships that will nurture our beautiful planet – ventures that help people coexist without harming the planet – Ventures that will enrich our people and create inclusive and peaceful societies in the world. 
We source our material and clothing from sustainable manufacturing destinations in the world